How to install the door frame

Installing a new metal door in place of the old, ordinary, will also require replacing the door frame. Depending on the size of the new door, the opening may need to be narrowed or extended. Between the box and the opening should leave a gap of about 20-25 mm.

If necessary, the expansion of the opening can be done with the help of grinders. With it, you can remove the extra part of the wall, regardless of what material it is from. To narrow the opening, use bricks or construct a formwork and fill it with concrete. Filling should be carried out through the top of the formwork. To ensure the binding of concrete with the wall, it is necessary to make holes in it, into which they put pieces of reinforcement. Cement is poured into the formwork with pieces of reinforcement located in it, after hardening a good bond with the main wall is obtained. When using bricks, reinforcement should be laid every three to four rows.

The door must be installed exactly - for this, wooden wedges are inserted between the door frame and the wall. Use the building level to check the vertical installation. To fix the box, use anchor bolts - for them, drill holes in the wall. After installing the door, the gaps must be blown out with mounting foam or plastered with cement mortar.

At the end of the installation, the joints of the wall and the door frame are finished. Next, set the locks, accessories, carried out the door exterior finish.

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