How to install a steel pallet

You will need
  • - instruments;
  • - rubber hammer;
  • - sealant.
Apply sealant, which can be bought in the auto shop, around the circumference of the inner surface of the holes in the crankcase sump bolts. Sealant should not get into the holes. Screw the sump on within 5 minutes after using sealant. Tighten the bolts in the correct order and with the effort recommended by the specification for your vehicle.
After 30 minutes, pour oil into the engine and start it. Reinstall the removed vehicle parts in reverse order. Check the tightness of the pallet seal.
The pallets are fastened with support on the strength elements of the body - cross beam, subframe, spars - using special legs, brackets, etc. This is done in order to exclude the transfer of impacts that the pallet is subjected to on the engine crankcase. Moreover, a properly fortified pallet with a frontal impact leads the engine down, preventing it from moving into the cab, which increases the safety of the car.
Experts advise against using homemade pallets.The fact is that in order to properly protect the crankcase and body, the pallet must have a special shape with a lower deflection, as well as technological holes for the flow of technical fluids must be made in it. In addition, the mounting holes should be performed as accurately as possible to ensure proper installation, to eliminate the appearance of extraneous sounds, to protect the engine from shock.
Helpful advice
Choosing a pallet, pay attention to what it is made of. Steel heavy and corrosive over time, but cheap. Aluminum weighs the same, but does not rust, cost more. The most "advanced" are lightweight and durable fiberglass pallets, which are installed on many modern machines of well-known global manufacturers, it makes sense to give preference to them.

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