How to glue stickers on nails?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
February 18, 2013
How to glue stickers on nails?

Now it’s much easier to create a manicure than ten years ago, but in addition to going to a beauty salon, the girl herself can make beautiful nails with the help of special stickers and varnish. But how to glue the stickers on the nails yourself? We will try to explain this to you in our article.


A girl should choose the type of sticker that will be convenient for her to use. This can be either regular adhesive-based stickers or translated stickers.

Transferable stickers, first, cut out, and then placed in water for a while, then just put on the nails. Adhesive stickers are simply glued from the base to the nail. Before sticking, you simply coat your nails with the desired varnish, and then apply a clear varnish on top.

How to glue

You must check that the nail polish is already frozen, otherwise you will ruin your new manicure. So, apply the sticker only after about fifteen minutes or more, (as you have painted your nails with varnish). Consider also how many layers of varnish were applied to the nails. Then choose a sticker.If this small sticker is better to stick it closer to the end of the nails, and not to the base.

Glue the center of the sticker first, and press the edges to the nail later. You can glue "on the eye", and you can draw a simple line on the nail with a pencil. It is easy to wipe it off with ordinary cotton and water. You can use special strips for sticking nails, they are very convenient. Also look carefully if there is an air cushion between the nail and the sticker, if there is, then press down the sticker to the nail a little stronger. That's all, the whole procedure is very simple and does not take much of your time.

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