How to get a separate apartment in 2018

You will need
  • - passport of all family members;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - Marriage certificate;
  • - certificate of family composition;
  • - certificate of income;
  • - certificate of cadastral value of the property;
  • - certificate of registration for 10 years.
To give you a separatean apartment�when demolishing a house or when moving out communal apartments, contact the Department of Housing Policy and submit documents so that your family will be put in line as needing better housing conditions.
You will need to present passports for all family members, birth certificates for all children, a certificate of family composition and registration for 10 years, an act of living conditions for 5 years, an extract from the house register, personal account, certificate of income form 2-NDFL and cadastral the value of existing property, as in the total family income will take into account everything. Only poor citizens can register.
If you are put on a waiting list, when you demolish a house or move communal apartments, you have the right to improve your living conditions.The pre-emptive right is enjoyed by tenants of communal apartments, who have been living in them for more than 10 years and are always on the waiting list for the improvement of living conditions.
The same right can be enjoyed by families living in the same apartment with people with disabilities, whose diseases are considered dangerous to others and fit the list approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.
If you get registered for improving the living conditions of one family, but later it was divided into several, everyone can give a separatean apartment. This situation can happen during a divorce, during marriage registration.
About the demolition of the house or the resettlement of communal apartments you will be notified two months before the fact. During this time you must have time to prepare fresh documents. You will need a new certificate on the composition of the family, on income, on the cadastral value of the property. If your financial situation has changed and the commission decides that the family no longer fits the category of the poor, you will receive municipal housing of the same area that you had before settling.

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