How to find out who loves you?

We all sooner or later experience the first love and the first doubts and experiences associated with it. Do you already know this feeling? Many girls, feeling love for the boy, in every possible way try to find out if it is mutual. It is very scary to approach the boy and ask him directly, because you are so afraid that they will refuse and laugh at you. How to find out who really loves you, and for whom are you just a friend? You can watch how the boy behaves in relation to you, as well as read fortunes for him.

Learn a boy in love by his behavior

Boys too shy of their feelings, because they are afraid to seem ridiculous. They are well able to hide their love, but the observant girl will always notice the one who is in love with her. How to find out which boy loves you, by behavior? There are some faithful signs.

  • He is always happy to see you, even when he is in a bad mood. He greets with a smile, often calling at the same time by name.
  • He likes to watch you furtively, and when you notice it, he immediately looks away to the side, because he does not want to be noticed.
  • In your presence, he is often embarrassed, reddens, trying to put himself in order (to fix his hair, clothes, etc.).
  • He is always ready to help you if required.
  • He is interested to know about you as much as possible. He listens with interest what and how you say, often asks you about your life. Also, he may ask about you in common friends and your friends.
  • He can give you beautiful compliments or give you nice little things.
  • He will be jealous if he notices how cute you are chatting with another boy.
  • Even if you said something stupid, he will not laugh at you, accept everything calmly or pretend not to notice anything.
  • He tries to be with you as often as possible.

Divination, tests, signs

Now you can find a lot of psychological tests and fortune telling that will help determine how a particular boy treats you, and understand which of them loves you.

We offer you a few tests that will help find out who loves you. You need to guess a certain boy and honestly answer questions.

Many girls, wondering: "Does he love me?", Turn to various fortune telling.You too can use some to see if a boy loves you.

  • The most simple and well-known divination is the chamomile fortune-telling. You just need to pick off the daisy you like and gradually tear off the petals from it, saying “love” and “not love” to each torn petal. The last cut petal will let you know if the boy loves you or not. You can also get together with girlfriends, draw a large chamomile with petals on paper, cut it out and write the name of the boy on each petal. Then the daisy must be turned over so that the names are not visible, and let each girl randomly tear off one petal. Whose name on the petal will fall, that boy loves.
  • This fortune telling girls believe true. Take a piece of paper and a pen and start drawing sticks in a row, and when you feel you have enough, say “Stop!”, Go to the next line and continue drawing again until you want to say “Stop!”. So you should have 4 rows of sticks. After all the sticks are drawn, cross out three sticks in each row until 2, 1 or 0 sticks are left. When you cross out all the excess in all the ranks, you get four numbers.Write them in a row and see the interpretation.
  • There is still one simple guessing on matches. Take a box of matches, pour out all the matches from it, take two of them and fix the box on opposite ends. Now try to burn both matches at the same time and watch them burn. If the matches lean towards each other, then there is definitely something between you. If the matches are "looking" in different directions, then no luck. Conducting this divination, be sure to ensure that nothing caught fire, so extinguish matches in time!

There are also a number of signs by which you can find out if they love you. If you dream of a boy, then you need to see what day of the week you saw this dream:

  • Mon - much like you;
  • BT - will fall in love with you;
  • SR - write a letter;
  • THU - his love for you will be eternal;
  • PT - a date;
  • Sat - separation;
  • Sun - he loves you.

There are more signs. For example, if your lips itch, it says a kiss in the future; the right hand is about an unexpected meeting; left - expect a gift from him; heels - you have a date with him soon; head - his thoughts are occupied only by you; cheeks - to love.

If your face burns on Monday, he discusses you with someone; on Tuesday - likes,but hides; Wednesday - wait for recognition; Thursday - fast date; Friday - making fun of you; Saturday - wants to change you; Sunday - loves and is waiting for a date.

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