How to find out the price of shares

Find out the current purchase and sale prices of shares of any company or enterprise directly at this enterprise. If the organization has a website on the Internet, then the relevant information can be found there, or contact through the contact form or contact addresses in the relevant department of this company. Sometimes a company selected or established is engaged in operations with shares of an enterprise — in this case, as a rule, such a company is interested in the widest possible dissemination of information on the current stock price.
If the shares you are interested in are listed on any Russian or foreign exchange, then information on current prices can be obtained either on the website of the exchange itself or on specialized web resources. They provide a wealth of overview, analytical and informational materials on current trends in price changes in different market sectors, including monitoring stock prices on several exchanges simultaneously.If the information that you can get directly to the organization that issued or sold your stock is not updated more than a couple of times a day, then on such web resources you can find out about changes in stock prices within a few minutes. In addition, you can subscribe to email or sms-mailing information about the prices of the shares you are interested.
Install a specialized program (trading terminal) if you want to be aware of the momentary fluctuations in prices for stocks that interest you. Such program receives information online directly from a broker company that sells and purchases shares on the exchange, to some extent participating in price changes for your shares too.

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