How to find out that you are pregnant with twins

Pay attention to the rate at which you gain weight during pregnancy. Bearing twins, as a rule, greatly accelerates this process. In the first trimester, you can gain up to 4.5 kg of weight, this is due to a sharp increase in blood volume and size of the uterus. In the next 3 months, the weight may increase by another 6 - 11 kg.
Pregnancy greatly depletes the body of a woman. If you are pregnant with twins, the amount of energy you spend will increase dramatically, extreme fatigue will appear. Bearing twins causes the heart of a woman to work harder to pump large volumes of blood. This affects the state of her body. However, if you are pregnant for the first time, this symptom will not be significant, since Your state will not compare with anything. In addition, fatigue can be attributed to severe fatigue.
You may also feel bouts of severe nausea already in the first days and weeks of pregnancy.These feelings are stronger than during normal pregnancy. A woman literally feels that her body is unable to digest food. In addition, you can feel extreme intolerance to certain foods, including their smell and even appearance. Especially unpleasant sensations cause: fish, meat, coffee and tea.
Pregnancy usually causes a woman to urinate much more often than usual. If a woman is pregnant with twins, this need increases much more.
Changes in a woman’s psychological state are a natural reaction to pregnancy. It becomes more capricious, prone to bright and emotional manifestations, sometimes mentally unstable. During pregnancy, twins such changes become more extreme.
Twin women who are pregnant with twins often say that they begin to feel movements in the stomach earlier than usual, already at 15-16 weeks. Opinions of experts about the possibility of such early independent movements of the fetus diverge, but if this happens, it is highly likely that you will have twins.
Check the level of alpha - fetoprotein (AFP) in your body, it is produced by the fetal liver during pregnancy.Abnormally high rates of this substance can serve as a fairly reliable sign of twin pregnancy. Experts also pay attention to this indicator. The analysis on AFP is especially useful if you do not notice any other signs that indicate that you are carrying twins.
No indirect signs can guarantee that you are really pregnant with twins. To finally answer this question, go through an ultrasound.

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