How to drink absinthe at home?

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How to drink absinthe at home?

For more than two hundred years of existence of this drink, a whole culture of consumption has developed in the society, the canons of which will prompt anyone who starts absinthe * how to drink absinthe, and most importantly - how to drink absinthe correctly (video also shown in our article). Thanks to the information in this article, you can safely drink absinthe at home. To do this, it is enough to choose the most attractive recipe for you and make a few simple manipulations, giving refinement not only to the taste of this wonderful drink, but also to the procedure of its use.

Before proceeding to the procedure itself, of course, it is worth paying attention to the uniqueness of this drink in order to better understand what you are dealing with. This drink has clouded a lot of minds, almost destroyed the French nation and deserved the attention with which it has been surrounded for the second hundred years.

How absinthe drank: from history

Absinthe appeared in 1782 in the city of Kuva, Switzerland in the form of a medical wormwood-anise tincture with the addition of many other herbs. At first, it was sold as a panacea, a cure for all diseases, but quickly gained popularity because of its narcotic properties. Thujone - a highly toxic substance in the composition of absinthe - can cause hallucinations. It is because of thujone that absinthe was called "madness in a bottle" (fr. La folie en bouteille) at the beginning of the 19th century.

Replacement of grape alcohol with industrial in the production of absinthe led to a strong decline in the quality of the drink, its prices and, accordingly, an increase in demand for it. By the beginning of the 20th century, the deterioration of the health of the working class due to the use of absinthe became a threat to entire states, therefore the governments of most European and American countries imposed a ban on the manufacture and sale of absinthe.

Today, absinthe is already easier to buy, but it is more difficult to find absinthe with a high content of thujone, since this toxin is still prohibited or limited by the laws of many countries. However, to feel the true sensations from the use of "green fairy" you should try to find a drink made according to the original recipe for good alcohols.Otherwise, the strongest impressions from the ritual of drinking absinthe for you will be unbearably bitter taste and the strongest hangover, which are inseparable companions of the "green fairy".

Absinthe drinking culture has produced many recipes, rituals telling us how to drink absinthe with sprite, juice, sugar or ice. Also, traditions will tell you how to properly burn absinthe, to drink it with hot vapors and, even, with fire. In most ways, a special absinthe spoon is used to melt the sugar. These spoons are often works of art, but this is a separate topic.

How to drink absinthe at home: traditional recipes


  • We put an absinthe spoon on the edge of the glass, and put a piece of refined sugar on the spoon. Through sugar in large drops, we skip one part of absinthe. Next, ignite the absinthe-soaked sugar. Wait until the caramel formed during the burning of sugar is drained from the spoon into the glass, remove the spoon and dilute the absinthe in the glass with three parts of water. Be careful! Absinthe can easily catch fire from the caramel dripping from the spoon.Experienced absinthus in such cases begin to dilute absinthe with water, losing strength, the drink goes out by itself.
  • Heat the perforated absinthe spoon and place it on the glass. Put a piece of refined sugar on a spoon and slowly pour the absinthe through the sugar into the glass. Thus, you will get slightly heated absinthe with sugar bitter sugar. Here's how to drink absinthe with sugar.


  • Pour one part of absinthe into the glass. On the edge of the glass, place an absinthe spoon. Put a piece of refined sugar on it and slowly pour three parts of ice water through it. Water dissolves sugar and forms a cold syrup that will reduce the bitterness of the wormwood tincture in the drink.
  • Prepare the ice. Break down three parts of ice into one part of absinthe and mix everything in a glass.


  • This method of making absinthe is similar to the method of drinking sambuka (see: how to drink sambuca). Addressed to anyone interested in how to drink absinthe with couples. You will need a whiskey glass, a cognac glass, napkins and a straw. Pour absinthe into a cognac glass and place it sideways in a glass for whiskey. Ignite the drink and rotate the glass (otherwise it may not withstand the temperature and burst) until the absinthe is heated sufficiently.Then carefully pour the drink into a glass of whiskey, raising the brandy glass and quickly lower the glass upside down on the glass to extinguish the absinthe. Stick a straw in the middle of the napkin and, when you take off the glass, close the neck of the glass with this napkin so that the evaporation of the drink does not erode from it. Drink hot absinthe, then inhale hot vapors through a straw. Evaporation will significantly increase intoxication. The order of inhalation of alcohol vapors and drinking absinthe can be changed.
  • This recipe is recommended by experienced absinthe. In addition to the cognac glass, glass for whiskey, straws and napkins you will need a tea saucer. Pour 50 grams of sprite into a whiskey glass. In a cognac glass pour 50 grams of absinthe, put a glass in a glass and set fire to absinthe. Heat the drink as in the past recipe, pour absinthe into a glass and cover it with a brandy glass to extinguish. Next to the tea saucer, place 2 pieces of refined sugar, soak with absinthe and set fire. Lift the edge of the glass, insert a straw into the glass and inhale the vapors. Next, blow up the drink as "tequila boom" and drink it in one gulp.Slowly drive inverted brandy over burning sugar and cover it. Before you put the glass on a saucer, the fumes in the glass will explode (if you do everything right), adding a bit of enchantment to the ritual. Inhale through a straw a pair of brandy and eat refined sugar from a saucer.

"Citrus Absinthe"

  • Despite the fact that the use of citrus in the preparation of absinthe is considered a departure from the traditional canons, this recipe is original and has a right to exist. The recipe for experienced gourmets, as not everyone dares to drink absinthe with fire. Roll an orange or lemon slice with the peel in a mixture of granulated sugar and cinnamon. Light the amount of absinthe you need in a thick-walled glass. Take a slice with forceps and hold it over the fire so that the sugar that crystallizes along with the juice flows into the glass. You can gently press a segment with tweezers for a more abundant selection of juice. Put out the absinthe, let it cool down and drink it. You can not extinguish and drink burning absinthe, but this should be done very carefully, so as not to burn the oral cavity and larynx. In this case, it is recommended to use a metal cocktail tube.

Check out the video on how to set fire and drink absinthe properly, do some experiments at home, have some skills, invite friends and surprise them with an exciting ritual of cooking and drinking the legendary absinthe drink. Having fallen in love with this drink and becoming an experienced absinthe, you can even make a video of how to drink absinthe at home, without the help of an experienced bartender instructing newcomers. Be careful with fire and always remember that the most correct way to drink absinthe, like any other alcoholic drink is to drink in small quantities. Then this drink will bring you more pleasure and benefit than harm, and instead of pleasant and unforgettable sensations you will not be overtaken by a heavy hangover.

* Absentee? (Fr. absintheur) - literally "lover of absinthe."

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