How to dress for work in the country

Of course, it is more comfortable to work in trousers, and even more comfortable in overalls, so that when bending the lower part of the back is closed. The overalls are summer and winter, with a lot of pockets, ideal working clothes for summer cottages. They are comfortable to squat, bend over. They do not hinder movement and stylish look.

Shoes are selected depending on the weather and personal preferences. Very comfortable shoes like clogs with massive soles without straps. They are available in various materials and different styles. However, this shoe is not suitable if you are going to dig the ground or mow the grass. This work should be done in shoes or other high shoes that will not fly off and support your leg joint. It is convenient to work in rubber boots in high wet grass, and in some wet areas they are indispensable in some areas.

The treatment of plants with various preparations for diseases and pests is usually carried out in good weather without rain and wind. We often do not take into account that even the safest solutions and powders in our opinion are not safe forour skin and eyes. Especially in the warm season, we forget to cover our body and wear glasses, gloves, a mask and a hat. It is necessary to have for such works light clothing with long sleeves, such as a shirt, buttoning up to the neck, which can be easily washed. You should also wear boots and socks, a scarf and gloves. It is tiring and uncomfortable, but important for your health.

Of course you dress for work in the country as you like, but the main thing is that you separate work clothes and clothes for rest in hygienic purposes.

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