How to dress a child in the winter?

The cold season in Russia is quite severe, so it is very important to think about how to dress warmly and comfortably at this time of year. This is especially important for children: they not only go to school and kindergarten, but spend a lot of free time on the street, play and run.

Winter clothes for a child should be warm, high-quality and comfortable to make it easy to move. Of course, it is important to think about beauty - children do not care what to wear, they want to wear what they like and look attractive. Let us consider in more detail how to dress a child in the winter, taking into account all the important points.

Where to buy winter clothes for a child?

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Dressing a child in the cold season: general recommendations

Low air temperature leads to moisture condensation, which then cools and cools. Therefore, in winter, the child should be dressed so that he does not sweat or freeze.

  • Dress in three layers. The first - linen from natural fabrics or thermal underwear. The second is turtlenecks, sweaters, jumpers, warm pants, jeans with high-quality thermal insulation. The third is a jacket, overalls, sheepskin coat, etc., which will protect from wind and snow. Despite the cold weather, you shouldn’t wrap your baby in much clothing, especially if you are sending him on an active walk.Firstly, it will hamper movement, and secondly, cause sweating, which can cause hypothermia. It’s better not two thin synthetic sweaters against each other, but one - warm, thick, high-quality and wool.
  • The first layer retains heat and removes moisture, the second accumulates heat, the third protects from wind, rain and snow, stores heat, releases moisture out, but does not let it in. Underwear in winter is preferable to cotton, with a slight addition of wool. If active walks are planned, it is better to choose thermal underwear. For the second layer, suitable viscose, wool, cotton with wool, wool with acrylic. The third layer is high-quality modern synthetics (microfiber, membrane materials, Polartec, synthetic winterizer). Fleece and fine wool are good as linings, the thermoheater can be natural or synthetic, the main thing is quality and suitable for a child.
  • The number and thickness of layers depends on the weather conditions and the mobility of the child. The colder it is on the street, the warmer the clothes should be. The more active a child is, the more heat-resistant, but at the same time light and “non-cushy” clothes for him to choose.If a calm walk in the cold is expected, you can wrap up harder and provide maximum warmth.
  • If an adult child moves carefully and if necessary he can correct his clothes himself, then the baby can simply forget about it, since he will be carried away by the game.

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