How to download firmware to your phone

You will need
  • - USB cable;
  • - firmware files;
  • - SGH Flasher
First prepare everything you need to implement.firmwaremobilephone. Be sure to charge it at 80-100%. Full battery discharge duringfirmwaremay lead to irreparable consequences. Find a special cable that allows you to connect your mobile phone to the USB connector of a computer or laptop.
Download the program with which you will be flashing the phone. Find the firmware file itself. It is better to use proven files that can be found on the official forums of the manufacturer of yourphone. To replace Samsung phone software, use the SGH Flasher / Dumper utility. Check the compatibility of your model.phonewith this program.
First create a dumpphone. This is a kind of archive of all its parameters and settings. It will allow you to restore the working state of the mobile phone in the event that the processfirmwarewill fail.Connect the phone to the USB port of the computer and run the program. After determining the modelphoneprogram, click Dump full flash (16mb) and specify the folder in which the resulting file will be saved, and enter its name. This process takes 20-30 minutes.
Now disconnect the phone from the computer and restart the program. Reconnect the mobile phone to the USB port. Be sure to turn off the phone before connecting it to a PC. Click the Flash BIN file button. And select the firmware file that you recently downloaded. Wait until the software update process is complete for yourphone. Click the Disconnect button and disconnect the USB cable.
Turn on your phone and check its performance. If the kitfirmwarecontains additional files with the .tfs extension, then download them in a similar way. After starting the program, click the Flash full TFS button and select the desired file.

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