How to distinguish Monster Beats?

January 25, 2015
How to distinguish Monster Beats?

Many people, when buying headphones in the store to listen to music, prefer to take expensive options to avoid fakes and get high-quality sound of music. Monster and Beats Audio are concerned about the sound quality. They have released special Monster Beats headphones to the market, which combine all the best technologies for playing high quality music.

In addition, the headphones have a very beautiful unusual design, which allowed them to become very popular around the world. However, there is a high percentage of fakes from Chinese and other markets.

Consider how to distinguish Monster Beats original headphones from low-quality cheap fake from China.

How to distinguish a fake Monster Beats

There are several ways to distinguish Chinese cheap fake headphones from high-quality Monster Beats headphones. Consider them in more detail, so that you can avoid poor-quality Chinese fake:

  • Always pay special attention to the price in the store for Monster Beats headphones. If you are in a country that does not manufacture headphones, the price will be higher than on the official website in the country where the headphones are manufactured.A fake can cost significantly less than the original or be on par with the price on the official website, and this just can not be, otherwise the sellers will not receive profits;
  • Consider headphone packaging from all sides for inconsistencies with the original packaging. You can always go to and see what the packaging looks like. It is also worth considering the quality of the packaging and the presence / absence of defects;
  • Taking the serial number of the headphones, you can go to the same official website and punch it through the database. So you know this headphone or not;
  • If the headphones are recently released, then on the packaging in the list of manufacturers will only be the company Beats Audio by Dr. Dre, because Monster is no longer part of the manufacturers concern;
  • In the package, the color of the bottom under the headphones should always be black regardless of the color of the headphones. If the color is different, the headphones are fake;
  • On the side of the product should be duplicated entry with a serial number in Latin letters. If the inscription is fuzzy, smeared or not, then it is clearly a fake;
  • Additional headphone caps are packed inside the box very neatly.If the nozzles are scattered randomly, then this is a fake original Monster Beats headphones;
  • On the cords should also be inscriptions about the products. Their absence says that the product is a low-quality fake from China.

When buying, you should always carefully examine the potential acquisition, because Monster Beats headphones are very expensive and of high quality, and the market is always full of fakes.

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