How to disassemble the faucet

Typically, the valve is installed at the end of the pipe at the point of water extraction. Cranes, as well as valves, consist of a housing as well as a valve head. The difference lies in the fact that the valve on the body has a pair of identical threaded holes. They need to install the valve between the pipes. On the casecranethere is only one hole through which it joins the end of the water pipe.
The valve is installed in such a way that the arrow on the body coincides with the direction of water flow. Currently there are two types of valve heads. The first type has a rotational-translational valve, and the second one is reciprocating. The head of the second type of valve head is much more reliable. It should be noted that the rubber gasket is much longer because of the fact that the valve moves progressively, while the gasket is not erased, and pressed against the saddle.
Sometimes there is a problem that the tap or valve in the closed state lets water through. Most often this occurs due to wear of the valve gasket or thread at the stem. Sometimes seals and gaskets seals that are between the body wear out completely.craneas well as the head body. In order to change the gasket, you must first turn off the water in the pipe. After that, using a conventional or adjustable wrench, unscrew the valve head and replace the rubber gasket. Then be sure to put a new valve. If you do not have at hand a finished gasket, do it yourself. Take a thick rubber in your hands and cut a circle with a sharp-edged tube. Its diameter should be slightly larger than the valve seat. The gasket should fit tightly in the nest.
In order not to hum the crane, you need to cut off the protruding edge of the gasket with scissors. The angle should be about 45 degrees. It is not recommended to use for the manufacture of microporous rubber and plastic. Quite often, gaskets are made of leather in several layers.

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