How to dig a well

You will need
  • - reinforced concrete well rings
  • - shovel
  • - building level
  • - gravel
  • - bucket
It is best to build a well in the summer. Before you dig a well, you need to choose a place and clearly define the purpose of the well. If water is needed for irrigation, then dig a shallow well. Water from such a well is not suitable for drinking. Quality water is located deeper, below the clay impermeable layer. Some determine the aquifer by biolocation using a frame. This unconventional method has no justification, but often gives the correct result. The second method is the excavation of exploratory wells. For the construction of the well, purchase reinforced concrete well rings. You can buy rings with a flat end surface, and you can - with a lock mount.
If you dig a well correctly, it will serve for a long time. Having determined the place of the well, dig a hole 50 centimeters deep into which you place the first ring.
Then undermine the ground under the first ring until the ring settles below ground level.Put the following on this ring and choose the primer again.
The position of the rings periodically check the level. Reaching the groundwater, you need to dig until the bottom ring is submerged. This part is called a water intake. It will collect and store groundwater. The water intake depth is usually one meter.
Cover the bottom with gravel, and seal the joints between the rings. Cover the well with a lid. Any waterproof material will be suitable for the cover - stone, concrete, metal, wood. Make the lid so that it closes very tightly. In the cap, make a hole for the suction pipe to which you connect the pump. In addition to the protective function, the cover also performs a decorative one. Therefore, you can arrange the top of the well in the form of a house. Well ready.
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There are several types of wells. On the suburban areas there are almost all kinds. These are pipe, drilling, mine and key wells. The best option is a reinforced concrete modular well. Such a well has a long life and reasonable price.The well consists of a cover, the bottom and well rings. Water from the well can be lifted in two ways - using a bucket or an electric pump.

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