How to cure rupture

You can determine the presence of sprains due to severe pain in the joints after any injury. Rarely, but it still happens that the pain does not occur immediately, but after a while there is swelling in the damaged area, lack of mobility of the joint, and then comes pain.
Sprains can be of varying severity. The first, mild, is characterized by their damage in a small area, not much pain and little swelling, or none at all. The second, moderate, is characterized by partial rupture, moderate pain, swelling of the joint and the appearance of a bruise. The third, severe degree, is characterized by complete rupture of the ligaments and strong symptoms. This injury is very dangerous.
When sprains of any degree of severity, the victim needs first aid. If properly rendered, the probability of dangerous consequences from injury (for example, the formation of a weak and prone to damage joint) will be minimal.
Plant or lay the injured, and secure the immobility of the injured leg or arm. Then put a tight bandage on the injured joint. Better use an elastic bandage. If there is a clear suspicion of a torn ligament, build an improvised tire, such as a plank, a ruler, or something like that.
In place of injury, place ice or a towel soaked in cold water. Cold can reduce swelling and relieve pain. To prevent an increase in edema, injured leg or arm of the victim position above your normal position.
A great tool for stretching ligaments are ointments and gels, which include diclofenac, indomethacin and ibuprofen. Rub an ointment or gel into the skin at the injury site, and then cover it with a dry warming bandage.
At the first and second extensions of the sprain, the physiotherapy procedures, which are carried out in a medical institution, are excellently helpful.

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