How to create a Christmas mood at home: 8 bright ideas of decor

To make the main holiday of the year truly memorable, it is not necessary to go on a trip or book a table at an expensive restaurant. New Year's Eve can be special and at home, if you show imagination and think in advance how to create a festive mood. Especially for you, we have prepared 8 inspirational ideas for New Year's décor.

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1. Set the tone for the holiday

First of all, select the base color for your holiday design. The house for the New Year can be decorated in colors typical for the winter season - pastel, blue, red, brown or green. When choosing a suitable color, please note that it must be in harmony with the interior of the house. Having decided on the basic color of the design, add additional accents: for example, decorate the tablecloth and Christmas decorations with silver or gold paint.

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2. Dressing the Christmas tree correctly

The main element in the New Year's decor is, of course, the Christmas tree.But this does not mean that you need to hang all the toys in the house on it. Choose only those that are combined with the base color of the design and are in harmony with the interior. The Christmas tree should not be an overloaded decor. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase new, more suitable toys, buy tinsel - it costs less, but it looks stylish.

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3. Gas out the light and light the candles

You will be surprised how much the atmosphere in the house will change if you replace the lamps and lamps with ordinary candles. With the help of glue and sewing materials (bead beads, ribbons, strips of bright fabrics and unnecessary buttons) you can easily give them a festive look. Create whole compositions of candles around the house, grouping them in New Year's wreaths. To make the candles burn longer and not go out before morning, put them in a bag and put them in the freezer the day before the holiday.

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4. We hang garlands

Hanging garlands around the house will also create a New Year's mood. Hang them literally everywhere - on the railing of the stairs, along the dining table, on the walls, windows and, of course, on the Christmas tree. Thanks to this, the house will immediately transform and shine with new colors.

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5. We decorate the house with natural materials

Let the winter nature into the house - cones and fir branches can become an original decoration of the decor. Decorate them with silver paint or tie with ribbons, and you can safely decorate them with a Christmas tree, a festive table, as well as doors and windows of the house.

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6. Serve table

Like the Christmas tree, the New Year's table should not be overloaded with various accessories either. Lay the tablecloth (it is desirable that it coincides with the basic color of the design), arrange a beautiful dish. The picture will be complemented with candles, Christmas wreaths, decorations made from cones and fir branches.

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7. Making the windows

Draw frosty patterns on the windows. To do this, mix the toothpaste with water, dip a sponge into the mixture and blot the windows with it. Now give vent to your imagination and draw snowflakes and frosty curls on the glass.

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8. We select textiles

Soft decorative pillows with thematic prints and inscriptions - this is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to create a festive mood at home. Decorate with them sofas and armchairs - and your home space, as if by magic, will begin to fill with the long-awaited atmosphere of celebration and magic.

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