How to cook perfect beef steak in a pan

One of my favorite dishes that I like to cook for myself is grilled steak. Cooking the right steak is not such a simple process. But I improved my recipe time after time. This step-by-step instruction will explain in detail how to cook a beef steak at home in a pan.

beef steak in a pan

This guide is intended for people who have experience in cooking. For those who do not feel comfortable in the kitchen - it is better not to take this dish. Cooking the perfect steak is a very precise and time-sensitive process. But you can easily cope with this if you prepare everything correctly and follow my instructions.

Stage 1: Appliances and Ingredients

Here is a list of what you need to make steak.


  • plate
  • one pan, the size of your steak
  • forceps
  • knife
  • plate
  • clock with timer


  • One steak
  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Fresh garlic (or dried)

Stage 2: Buying a Steak

choosing a good steak in the shop

The first thing you need to do is find the right steak to cook. For this it is better to go to a place with a large selection of quality meat. In such places, meat is usually a bit more expensive, but in my opinion it is worth it.

I took a 250 gram select steak. It is small enough for one person and relatively inexpensive. Choose meat that looks appetizing to you! If funds allow, then you can choose a steak even better, but for this lesson this miniature piece will fit perfectly.

When you are in the store, make sure that you have the remaining ingredients, such as olive oil, butter, salt, pepper and garlic. There is a great opportunity to buy some fresh heads of garlic if you do not want to use garlic powder.

Stage 3: Preparation of meat

preparing steak for frying in a pan

When you return home you have to let the meat warm up. In the store it was in the fridge, it was very cold there. Cooking cold steak is not a good idea.

First, unpack the meat and let it lie on the plate. While it lies, use salt and pepper to season the steak. Sprinkle from all sides, do not regret the seasonings.

Usually enough 20 minutes for meat to warm up, it all depends on the size of the piece and how much it was frozen. It is important to warm the meat thoroughly so that during the cooking in the pan the cold middle does not turn out.

While the steak is warming up, do not waste time and make sure that all the other appliances and ingredients are ready. Put the frying pan on a strong fire. Before it gets hot, pour so much olive oil so that it hides the bottom of the pan. You will need a lot of oil in the later stages of the process.

Step 4: Steaming the steak

roasting beef steak in a pan

The next step is very important and can be dangerous. At this point, the frying pan should be very hot. You will use tongs to place the steak in the hot oil. At such high temperatures there will be many sprays so be careful when turning the steak.

After you have placed the steak in the pan, start the countdown, it should lie for 1 minute. After one minute has passed, turn it over with the other side and leave it for another 1 minute.

After a minute has passed, turn the steak sideways to fry the edge.Keep it until the edge is painted the same way as the rest of the meat. Do it on both sides. Tilt the pan so that oil accumulates on one side of the pan, so it will be more convenient to fry the edges of the steak. As in the photo above.

You must constantly turn the steak at intervals of 1 minute, until you feel that it is already well roasted. The total duration of this stage depends on your preferences and the thickness of your steak.
Now you are ready for the next step.

Stage 5: Cooking the Steak

cooking steak at home

By this stage, the steak is already fried on all sides and the meat juice is sealed inside. Saddle the stove quietly, medium heat.

It's time to cook meat to the degree of cooking you like. There are no precise instructions on cooking time, it depends on the thickness of the steak, the heating of the plate and other factors. You just have to check the meat often enough to make sure that it is ready or you need to hold it still on the stove. For this lesson, I cooked my steak a medium roast, left a small pink part in the middle.

Now, when the pan is not so hot, you still continue to turn the steak at intervals of 1 minute.

It is time to add garlic and butter.Cut a good piece of butter and place it on a frying pan generously flavoring it all with garlic. I used garlic powder, because there wasn’t fresh on hand. Continuing to turn the steak, let the meat soak up all this good taste. Keep in mind that I am describing how to make the perfect steak, and not healthy.

I cooked this steak in just 8 minutes, turning every minute to get an average roast. Again, I remind you that it all depends on the thickness of the piece and the cooking temperature, so I can not guarantee you exactly the same result in 8 minutes.

Use tongs to check the meat. When it feels like the piece of meat has begun to thicken, this is probably the average roasting.
After you have cooked enough steak in a frying pan, it's time to pull it out and place it on a clean plate.

Stage 6: Take Your Time

Have you finished cooking steak and are you already going to eat it? PATIENCE!

It is necessary to allow the meat to rest before cutting it.

To make the steak really juicy, after cooking, the meat must be given a "rest". If you are cooking a medium-fat steak and immediately cut it, the juice will fill the entire cutting board.As a result, the meat will turn out less juicy, less aromatic and with an insufficiently saturated taste.

Let the meat rest for 5 minutes. If you are not so patient, enjoy a bottle of beer to your liking (if age allows!).

Step 7: Eat and Enjoy

the perfect beef steak cooked at home in a frying pan

You were patient enough. You waited 5 minutes. Now you can enjoy the amazing taste of steak cooked at home with your own hands.

This steak does not require any sauces. The sauce will only destroy its natural flavor, which you created on your plate.

Stewed vegetables and cold beer perfectly complement your meat masterpiece.

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