How to cook flooded eggs

You will need
  • - 7 eggs
  • - chicken fillet 100 g
  • - ham 75 g
  • - gelatin 2 tbsp. l
  • - half a cup of water
  • - canned green peas, corn
  • - parsley leaves and lettuce
  • - salt
Gelatin is poured with cold boiled water and left to swell for an hour. Chicken fillet is thoroughly washed, stacked in a saucepan, filled with cold water and put on the fire. It is brought to a boil. With the boiled broth, remove the foam, slightly reduce the heat, add salt and cook for 20 minutes. Ready chicken meat to get out of the broth and cool. The broth in which chicken was cooked is filtered. In the future, we need a glass of broth.
Wash eggs thoroughly with soda. From the blunt end a hole is carefully made in each egg. The contents of the eggs (and the whites and yolks together) are poured into pre-cooked dishes. Make a warm soda solution and soak the eggshell in it for a short time (about half an hour).After a while, remove it, rinse it in water and put it to dry in an egg container.
The finished chicken fillet and ham are cut into medium-sized cubes or thin straws, as you like. Parsley is disassembled, and the gelatin that is swollen by this time is dissolved in a glass of hot broth.
In the prepared shells laid out one leaf of parsley.

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