How to connect a 4-channel amplifier?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
December 19, 2014
How to connect a 4-channel amplifier?

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How to connect a 4-channel amplifier?

Deciding to connect any electronics in your car, you should understand that this is a rather serious procedure, which involves interfering with the wiring of the car.

If you do not quite understand the electronics of the car, it is better to seek help from specialists, because connecting an amplifier is not a procedure that is so complicated as it requires specific knowledge. However, if you are set up decisively, let's see how to connect a 4-channel amplifier to a 2-channel radio tape recorder.

Instructions for connecting the amplifier to the radio

The connection scheme of a 4-channel amplifier to a 2-channel radio tape recorder fully corresponds to the connection of a conventional 2-channel amplifier. The only difference is the adapter or Y-cable, which must be purchased.

  1. Thick wires connect directly to the amplifier. Pull the positive wire through the engine compartment and the car interior to the amplifier.
  2. We install a fuse on the wire in 20-30 cm from the battery, we put on the wire a corrugated tube.
  3. To prevent the wire from fraying, use rubber plugs. We run wires through the cabin, making sure that they are not damaged by moving mechanisms.
  4. The wire "-" is as thick as the "+", which greatly simplifies its search. Connect the "-" to the terminal of the amplifier.
  5. From the line input of the radio, we stretch the interconnect cable through which the signal will pass so that we can hear the music.
  6. To connect a 4-channel amplifier to a two-channel radio tape recorder, you must use adapters or splitter cables (Y-shaped cables), with which you can make 4 channels of the radio 2 channels and make the connection.
  7. Connect the speaker wires and everything will be ready.

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