How to congratulate Grandpa happy birthday

How to congratulate Grandpa happy birthday

How to congratulate Grandpa happy birthday

For many, grandfather is the embodiment of wisdom, experience and warmth of past generations, a source of endless fascinating stories and a mentor in all sorts of questions. Everyone knows about the conflict between fathers and children. At the same time, few people have heard about the conflict between grandfathers and grandchildren, because grandfathers, as a rule, over the years have become younger soul and it is often easier for them to understand young people. That is why they are so soft and forgive grandchildren where to earn the forgiveness of parents is much more difficult.


Congratulations to the grandfather on his birthday in verse and prose, should contain the best words! It is not necessary to pour water in vain: to make long pompous speeches and give congratulations excessive severity. Be honest - say what you think, because sincerity and sincerity like nothing else will please the head of the family on his birthday.


Quite often, grandfathers refuse gifts for their holiday, ask not to worry about them and not to spend money once again.However, few people listen to them, because you cannot leave your grandfather without pleasant emotions on such a day. Nevertheless, you should not put him in an awkward situation, presenting an unnecessarily expensive and, most likely, an unnecessary gift. At this age, practicality is the hallmark of many people, so knitted mittens, socks or a warm scarf can be a great gift.


Remember, grandfather is primarily a man. And men's hobbies are rarely limited to sitting at home and reading books. If he loves fishing, the joy will bring not only new fishing gear, but also the opportunity to try them out with his grandchildren. Fresh air and ears of fish caught by him will make his grandfather remember such a holiday for a long time.


If the grandfather's passion is cars - use this. New spare parts, accessories for the salon or the tools will be very useful and will certainly please your gray-haired relative.

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