How to conduct sound insulation floor

Installing lags for the floor

In the first place should be laid logs, which will be the basis for the flooring of the sound insulation layer and a rough coating. For the creation of lags, bars of 8-10 cm are used. It is not worth choosing elements of smaller thickness, because then the reliability of the floor decreases, and the opportunity to form a high-quality sound-proofing layer will disappear. Lags are laid on the floor in increments of about 60-80 cm. Attaching them to the work surface is best done with metal corners.

Laying a noise insulation layer

Between the laid lags there is a space that is used for laying sound insulation. A worthy protection from extraneous sounds can be obtained if you use the already mentioned technical plug as a sound insulator. It comes in the form of mats with a thickness of 5-15 cm. These mats are rolled into a roll for easy transportation and storage.

A roll of technical cork straightens and fits into the �nests� between the lags.Moreover, you need to use cork webs of such width that they fit tightly in the available space. Provided that the material does not rest against the lags, it will not be possible to get a decent sound insulation. If there are still gaps, they need to be filled with foam to increase noise insulation.

Roughing floor

So that the cork does not deteriorate afterwards, it must first be covered with polyethylene or other waterproofing material. Next to this layer is laid roughing. To do this, you can use a plain or grooved board. Instead of the board, sometimes plywood or chipboard plates with a thickness of 18 mm or more are used. Such a dry screed will also turn out to be quite reliable, but you have to carefully putty the remaining seams in it.

The described method of sound insulation allows you to get a reliable floor, well protected from extraneous noise. It is worth remembering only that sounds can also penetrate through other surfaces. Therefore, it is impossible to get along solely by soundproofing the floor.

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