How to combine bathroom and toilet?

What gives the combination of the bathroom and bathroom

Convenient configuration of the room, after which you can install a washing machine or shower, place the furniture for the bathroom, which could not be done in separate toilet and bathroom.
In the course of redevelopment, pipes and plumbing are usually changed, everything can be arranged beautifully and rationally. Savings on tiles and doors, ventilation and lamps.
If it is possible to move the toilet to a large bathroom, then there is a free room for a pantry or dressing room.
There are negative nuances of association. This is money for permits and repairs, time for approval. If the wall (which is very rare, but occurs) is load-bearing, the unification is impossible.
In a large family with one bathroom and a bathroom it is better to refuse combination. Otherwise there will be queues and manifestations of discontent among members of a large family.
If the bathroom is next to the kitchen, you will need powerful sound insulation and ventilation.Otherwise, you will be forced to listen and smell the consequences of going to the toilet.

What issues to solve before starting work

It all starts with the idea to combine a bathroom and a bathroom. Measure everything up to centimeters, consider, you are working out an option. Better together with experts. The design firm carries out the project of re-planning, receive all necessary coordination and permissions. A good design firm coordination conducts itself. You will spend several months on this. Next - BTI, the collection of documents on the list, coordination and application to the housing inspection.

The sequence of works when combining the bathroom and toilet

You take off the old tile, wallpaper, paint, pack garbage in bags. Turn off the water in the entrance or apartment. Dismantle the old plumbing and pipes. After that, you can proceed to the dismantling of the walls. You make a new doorway. Again, remove the debris and organize its removal.
Proceed to leveling the walls with selected materials. This cement, waterproof plaster, other materials. Perform pipe wiring for the project redevelopment, prepare the sewers for the installation of new plumbing.
You start laying electrical wiring. Prepare the exit of lamps, sockets, ventilation. Perform grounding for washing machines, boilers and other equipment. Install the door box in the bathroom.
Getting down to the primer. Check or re-waterproof the floor. If the new contours of the bathroom "captured" part of the corridor or other areas, waterproofing is essential. After drying, you can lay ceramic tiles on the floor.
After that, perform the installation of the ceiling: tension, suspended or normal. Now you can start facing the walls. When the floors, the ceiling, the walls are ready, you can proceed to the installation of plumbing, its connection to the water supply and sewage. Install lamps and sockets, fans, towel warmers.
The last stage is the installation and hanging of mirrors, furniture, hangers and shelves. After that, you can hang the door to the bathroom. All you have completed redevelopment and repair.

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