How to clean the body in 2018

Cleansing the intestines, you can reduce the burden on the liver, lungs, kidneys and skin, to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The easiest and most affordable way to cleanse the intestines at home - an enema, which should be carried out using a special Esmarch circle. Fill it with a half liter of warm boiled water and hang one and a half meters above the floor level. Lubricate the tip with Vaseline and gently insert into the anus. In doing so, you should lie on your right side, knees pressed to your chest. Hold the water in yourself for ten minutes, then go to the toilet. This procedure effectively washes out most of the intestines. On the day of the enema, it is advisable to avoid taking fried, spicy, fatty, smoked and sweet. You can do a cleansing enema no more than twice a month.
If you are contraindicated enema, then you can start taking in the morning on an empty stomach decoction of laxative herbs. To do this, pour a tablespoon of grass of the Seine or buckthorn with a glass of boiling water and put in a water bath for ten minutes. Then cool the broth and strain, drink.During the first day of cleansing, you should drink four glasses of freshly squeezed beetroot-carrot juice (the juices are mixed in equal proportions). On this day, you should refrain from eating.
The next two days, gradually enter into the diet of raw vegetables: pumpkin, cabbage, turnips, carrots. You can also include in the menu a few nuts and seeds (except for almonds, as it is poorly absorbed). On the fourth day of cleaning the body, you can eat boiled or steamed vegetables (without oil and adding salt). On the fifth and sixth day, eat buckwheat and oatmeal on water, dried fruit and honey, light vegetable soup, drink fruit and vegetable juices. The diet of the seventh day consists of low-fat dairy products, unleavened bread, boiled eggs and baked potatoes. It is recommended to do this cleaning once a year, preferably in the spring.
Russian bath is considered an excellent way to clean the body. It does not overdry the skin and mucous membranes (unlike the Finnish sauna), gives strength, calms the lungs, energizes the stomach, small and large intestines. By massaging your body with a broom, you improve blood circulation in muscles and skin.In this case, the metabolism is normalized, the pores expand, which contributes to the removal of a large amount of toxins and toxins from the body. Drink as much purified water as possible.

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