How to choose a quality mink

The fur should be iridescent and shiny. Dingy fur is characteristic of animals that have a water habitat, and is a sign of poor quality and improper storage. Very often, under the guise of a mink, fur coats from a rabbit and a woodchuck are sold, their fur is shorter and softer.
After stroking the fur should take its original shape, the pile should be elastic and elastic, the same in length and thickness. Villi should be well kept when plucking mink. If you have hair and fluff in your hands, this indicates a violation of the technology of dressing or the use of animal skins killed during shedding. The stuck up pile and the “fat” fur also testify to the poor quality of the dressing.
Check the quality of the undercoat: short hairs growing at the lowest level should be thick, then the fur will look more luxuriant and richer.
The main rule when choosing a dyed fur coat is to rub the fur between the fingers or hold it with a wet piece of fabric.If there is paint on the fingers and fabric, it means a poor-quality fur coat.
Be sure to check the quality of the mezdra - the back of the trimmed skin. To do this, look under the lining of the fur coat, and if it is attached, ask them to undo the edge. A soft, elastic, non-creaking core without cracks - these are the distinguishing features of good workmanship. The old fur is darker in the mezdra, lighter in the younger one. Also check the quality of the seams, they should not diverge, they should not crawl out. In no case do not buy glued mink coats.
Carefully inspect the fur for rust spots, bald spots and other defects. The presence of rust stains on the fur coat - traces of a metal cage, which containedmink- one of the most common defects. If the surface of the fur is uneven, these are traces of the teeth of the animal that has bitten itself during its lifetime.

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