How to choose a deodorant, antiperspirant


What is better - deodorant or antiperspirant?



Choosing a favorite remedy for sweat, first you need to determine what he needs more - a deodorant or antiperspirant.

Deodorantsuitable in the case when you need to cope with the smell (with sweating within the norm) - this means destroys the ambret, but does not prevent the appearance of sweat. Consider: if your loved one's skin is prone to irritation, do not buy alcohol-based deodorants for it - they will cause redness and itching. Determine the degree of sensitivity of the skin by watching a man after shaving. If there are signs of irritation on his face and the skin is itchy, the sweat and alcohol remedies are definitely not for him, since the armpit area is usually much more sensitive than the skin on the face.Antiperspirantable to help people sweating profusely. These products contain organic salts of aluminum and zinc, which narrow the ducts of the sweat glands and, therefore, suspend their activity for a time to a greater or lesser extent. As a rule, manufacturersantiperspirantsoffer consumers to choose between means in the form of creams, gels and liquids in cans with a roller. According to many, gels are the best option: they perform their function effectively, andThe traces on clothes do not leave. However, before giving the bottle to your loved one, teach him to use the new product.


How to use antiperspirant correctly:



1. Use antiperspirants preferably no more thanonce a day: cases of inflammation of the sweat glands are known.


2. Apply antiperspirants (as well as deodorants) should be only on dry and clean skin.


3. Antiperspirants needovernight. For seven to eight hours of sleep, while the sweat glands do not work, the active substance (aluminum or zinc salts) has time to penetrate the skin and block the ducts of the glands. The most useless is to apply the product immediately after a shower, when the ducts are filled with water: the antiperspirant is not absorbed and will remain on the clothes in the form of white stains.


4. Wrongantiperspirant applicationcan disrupt the heat balance of the body. Therefore, these tools can be used only in the armpits, in any case without putting on other problem areas - back, chest, feet or forehead.


5.Do not use antiperspirant immediately before playing sports.


You should not use an antiperspirant before going to the beach: under the influence of the sun's rays, this tool can contribute to the formation of pigment spots.

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