How to change the CV joint in the WHA

You will need
  • - capacity of at least 3.5 liters;
  • - spanner or head on the "17";
  • - regular wheel key or crank on "17", or key-cross on "17";
  • - jack;
  • - slotted screwdriver;
  • - beard;
  • - wheel chocks;
  • - head on "30";
  • - support racks;
  • - stretching;
  • - mounting blade;
  • - a vice with sponges from soft metal;
  • - pliers;
  • - rags;
  • - punch from soft metal;
  • - grease SHRUS-4 (50-60 g.).
Clean the gearbox housing around the drain hole. Place a container of at least 3.5 liters under the drain hole. With a cap wrench or a head on “17”, unscrew the drain plug and drain the oil into the substituted container. Twist the cork in place.
Loosen the fastening bolts of the wheel to be removed with the help of a standard wheel wrench or a screwdriver with a head on "17", or a cross key on "17". Raise the car on a jack. Remove the wheel bolts and remove the wheel. Having hooked up with a slotted screwdriver, remove the hub cap. Install the wheel and tighten the two mounting bolts. Lower the car onto the wheels.
With a small bit, straighten the bent shoulder of the hub bearing nut in two places. Tighten the parking brake, engage the first gear and put the wheel chocks under the wheels. With the head on “30” loosen the nut of the hub bearing. Hang out the front of the car and put it on supports. Remove the wheel. Unscrew the hub bearing nut and remove the washer.
With a cap wrench on "17", unscrew the two bolts of fastening of the ball joint to the steering knuckle. Turn the steering wheel in the direction opposite to the removable drive (if you remove the right drive, turn the steering wheel to the far left position; if you remove the left drive, to the far right). Take a rotary fist with a rack to the side and remove the shank of the housing of the outer CV joint from the hub. Fix the drive on a support or on a tie.
Using the mounting paddle, push the casing of the inner CV joint out of the gearbox and remove the inner CV joint, being careful not to damage the drive seal.
Clamp the shaft with a vise with soft metal jaws. Squeeze the large clamp with the sliding pliers and pry off the end of the clamp with a slotted screwdriver. Disconnect and remove the clamp.Similarly, disconnect the small clamp and remove it.
Remove the boot from the outer CV joint housing and turn it inside out. Use a rag to remove grease from the hinge end. While striking the end of the hinge holder through a soft metal drift, knock the hinge off the drive. Pry off the locking ring with a screwdriver and remove it.
Clean the drive shaft from the old grease and put on it a thin layer of new grease CV JOINT-4. Also lubricate the cavities of the CV joint housing and the anther with the same lubricant (the quantity is at least 40 g). Perform further installation of the CV joints in reverse order.

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