How to change codes in the directory

Code indirectorychange in view of the fact that it must be unique and in no case be repeated the name of another product or product. In modern computer programs, there is an option such as automatic verification of the uniqueness of a certain combination of numbers. The code can be entered not only manually, but also by turning on the “Automatic numbering” option, saving your work from long-term verification of already existing codes.
Keep track of the length of the code. If the company works only with ten digits, then carefully dial the numbers each time. Do not forget to look in the dictionary dictionaries. It is there that you will find data on the quantitative value of the code and on the type of code. Work with a large turnover of goods involves an alphanumeric code.
The dialog box "Code Length" sets the maximum length of the code element of the directory. The configurator allows you to set the code length to 0.This is required in cases where the code element of the directory is not used. Lack of code saves system resources. The code length is set “with a margin”, therefore, when assigning this property, it is desirable to determine the possible code length.
As a rule, the code in the directories is in the left column in front of the “Name” column. Hover over the desired code cell and edit it. Look in the directory configurator. With it, you can change the length of the code and remove, or add zeros.
Do not forget about copies of documents. Changing the code is a good thing, but program malfunctions can occur. Unsaved documents will cause trouble. Restoring large archives requires a lot of time and patience. At any time, the numbering may be lost, that hello to manual renumbering. For such cases, keep the articles or other additional details.

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