How to catch fish?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
October 28, 2014
How to catch fish?

Such a fascinating hobby as fishing serves as a wonderful rest, calms the nerves after a hard working week. Experienced fishermen have a lot of their own secrets and their fish places, but beginner fishermen often do not know how to fish properly.

Secrets of proper fishing

  • Initially, you need to prepare a fishing rod - the best option for beginners and amateurs. Buying a fishing rod, you need to pay attention to its convenience. Rod should be quite light, long, elastic. Then throw a fishing line with a float, sinker, hook will be convenient. The fishing line is selected in accordance with the size of the prey and the place of fishing. Thin is suitable for small specimens, for large fish need fishing line stronger and thicker. Transparent gear - a universal option for any body of water.
  • In the summer, fishing is necessary to go early in the morning, more likely to catch a big fish. In the winter and autumn season, you can fish all day, as it is cool and it rains.
  • Beginners better know in advance from experienced fishermen good places.
  • Take a few baits. Different types of prey prefer different delicacies. A dace loves barley, bread, dough. Bream is caught on a worm, sometimes it prefers dough. Crucian carp - dough, pearl barley, bloodworm, earthworm. For catching predatory fish they use fry, earthworms.
  • Throw the bait correctly. Try to throw the float as far as possible, then gently bring it closer to you if necessary.
  • Be patient, do not take the bait too often.
  • Do not make noise, try not to make sudden and careless movements - this may scare the fish.
  • During hooking, focus on the float lift.
  • Do not put the rod on the water, it is better to put it in the grass or lean on a tree.
  • Do not pull out caught fish in sharp movements.

You can find more information about fishing in the section.

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