How to care for face skin in winter

Get some, if you haven't had time yet, with a special winter cream for cold and wind. Such now produces most of the brands - from the most mass marketing to luxury. However, for those whose skin is prone to the formation of comedones, you must carefully read the composition of these funds: they often include liquid paraffin (paraffinum liquidum) and lanolin (lanolin). These substances perfectly protect the skin from the weather, but are considered to be strong gums.
If on the street face freezes, then in a room with air conditioning - dries. In order to prevent the loss of moisture, from time to time it is necessary to “water” the skin with thermal water from a can. He refuse from concealer. A good tonalnik is able not only to disguise a reddened nose, it also helps to keep moisture in the skin and will become a protective barrier in the way of frost.
But the pressed powder set aside until the summer: it dries the skin. In winter, a more suitable option - cream powder and loose powder.Do not overdo it with the scrub: even if you have the most oily skin and the most gentle scrub, now it is enough to clean it only once a week, otherwise you will make your face defenseless before frost.
For those who practice “hardening” of the skin with ice cubes and contrasting douches, cosmetologists also advise to slow down: now your “skin” is enough for weather stresses.
Lovers of sports and country walks should be borne in mind that in winter, the nature of the sun's rays reflects and intensifies ultraviolet radiation just like in the summer at sea. Therefore, when going skiing, do not forget to put on your skin sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15.
To save a chapped or frost-bitten face, make a soothing mask: take a slice of fresh banana, rub it in a mush and apply on face for 15-20 minutes. Irritation must pass, as the banana contains vitamin E and coating agents.

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