How to burn more to disk?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
January 21, 2013
How to burn more to disk?

Before writing more data to disk, you need to find out if your drive supports this option. This information can be found by downloading the full version of the Nero program, which will be needed to write files to disk. First of all, you should launch the Nero Burning ROM program component. Then, Recorder is selected from the menu, and Choose Recorder in the additional menu. Next, in the window that appears, click on the optical drive model and find the line Overbur. If Supported is written in its meaning, it means that you can write more information to your disk. If there is no such record, then your drive is not suitable for such purposes.

How to write to disk more data

If your drive supports the Overbur option, you should select the File option in the Nero Burning ROM menu, and then the Preferences. Then you will need to go to the General tab and in the appeared window check all the checkboxes and click “Apply”. Next, you need to go to the Expert Features tab and in the opened window check the box next to Enable DVD overburn Enable and overburn disc-at-once burning.

After that, in the Nero Burning ROM menu, the File option is selected, and then the New File option and a document, application, etc. are added, which need to be written to disk. In the next window, you need to go to the Multisession tab and check the box in No Multisession. Next, you will need to go to the BURN tab, and in its ACTION section, you need to check the last two checkboxes. And opposite to the line Write speed there is an arrow on which you need to click and select the lowest write speed.

In order to go directly to the recording, you will need to press the BURN button, after which a dialog box will appear with a notification about the use of Overburn technology. In this window, select the option Write Overburn Disc. After that, burn your disk will be started. So you learned how to write more data to disk.

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