How I set up my bathroom: tips for owners of small bathrooms

The problem of repairing in a small combined bathroom will always be relevant for apartment owners of old layouts. That is, the problem is that the building itself is so tight that repair can take a lot of time and effort, so most people try to push the solution of this issue into an unlimited future.

I admit that I belonged to this category, and for a long time enviously looked through Internet sites with plumbing, dreaming of buying a brand new cast-iron bath "Roca", but went to take a shower in an old, rusting bath. When a beloved woman appeared in my life, the requirements for the comfort of life rose, and I decided to make repairs.

Project - the basis of repair

After studying the forums and websites on the Internet, I realized that the most important thing for a small bathroom is a rational distribution of space. For this I made a scheme and sketched a sketch that meets the following requirements:

  • no showers - only bath;
  • the ability to install a washing machine;
  • Providing convenience when sanitizing a room.

How I chose the plumbing

I have always considered the best baths are cast iron baths - they are reliable and well-built, durable, keep warm well and do not “make noise” when water is drawn. Therefore, my dream - "Roca" I still realized. Note that it’s worth choosing the size after leveling the walls and laying the tiles.

In order to "squeeze" the washing machine between the toilet and the bathroom, it was necessary to completely remove the sink. But, as it turned out, there are special shells for mounting just above the “washers”. To get by with one mixer, I purchased one that was installed above the bath, but could “reach out” to the sink.

Finally, the toilet I decided to choose from the mounted (suspended) toilets and explain why. Not only because the chosen construction was more convenient, especially for sanitization, more aesthetic, and turned out to be cheaper than I had supposed, but also because in my apartment there was a niche with a sewer riser and water pipes.Thus, with the rational use of space with new wiring, it was possible to cut out part of it for the location of a hidden rack with a tank. The result was a significant savings in space.

Sequence of operations

The repair process took place in four stages:

  1. Dismantling the bath and wiring.
  2. Align the walls and floor.
  3. Installation of sewer and plumbing systems and installation of a toilet bowl.
  4. Laying tiles and installing a bathtub, washing machine and sink.

You may have your own nuances when doing repairs in a small bathroom, but I think I found the best solution, making the most of the Internet as a source of information about repairs and plumbing at reasonable prices.

Date: 09.10.2018, 16:52 / Views: 91352

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