How best to use the sleeve for baking

Many housewives have long forgotten aboutburnt baking sheetthanks to the wonderful kitchen fixture -roasting sleeve. There is nothing easier than putting all the ingredients in a “bag” and after some time getting the finished dish out of the oven.

It is rumored that when heated the baking sleeve becomestoxic, highlighting hazardous substances. Is it so? Such an opinion today is very common, but, fortunately, mistaken.

Whether the sleeve for baking is toxic

The material from which the sleeve is made is intended for use at high temperatures. Scientifically it is called a long term - modified heat-resistant.polyethylene terephthalate, and when heated, it is able to release only water and carbon dioxide. In the worst case, the roasting sleeve can turn into soot, that is,ordinary carbon

How to properly use the sleeve for baking

Let's start with the banal: the first thing you should read the attached instructions.But we suspect that after reading it, you will discover a little something new, so today we will tell you about some of the nuances of cooking dishes in the sleeve.

For lovers of baking dishes in the sleeve, we advise you to stock up on several types of this indispensable assistant: large and small, and alsoindividual packagesfor cooking portions. Yes, yes, and there are such!

The length of the sleeve is better to take with a margin, then cut off the excess part, leaving the tolerances at the edges about 5 cm.

You can use the roasting sleeve not only in an electric and gas oven, but also in a microwave oven,multicookerand even when steaming. Few people know that with his help you can cook a delicious omelet.

Before sending the dish to the oven, one should make several punctures with a toothpick or a knife at the top of the sleeve for the escape of excess steam.

To make the products brown andnot cooked, 20 minutes before the end of cooking, you should carefully break the sleeve from the top. Some manufacturers have foreseen such a need and have made a dotted seam for convenience.

When placing the dish in the oven, make sure that the sleeve does not touch the walls, and even more so the upper part of the oven.

Do not use during bakingconvection modeso that the sleeve or its clips do not melt.

Informative: food, baked in the sleeve, is considered less calorie and more useful.

Roasting sleeve is designed for cooking vegetables, meat and even desserts. In a wonderful adaptation, the food is juicy, saturated with its own juices, and most importantly -useful!! In the next article we will tell you about the dishes that are especially tasty in the sleeve, and how to prepare them correctly.

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