How a feeling of lack of freedom in a couple kills a relationship

A small example of life: my friend is going to get married, but some calls suggest that her man is brought up in a family where the partners are each other’s property.

For example, recently Olga hinted to her fiance that she needed more personal space, asked him not to hurry and stay an hour or two from her parents. She has a hard work based on communication with people, sometimes she just needs to be alone.

Olya came home and took up the usual women's affairs that allow us to relax: a bath, masochka, etc. It took a little over an hour, and an excited Othello flew into the apartment. It is not known what he wanted to see there, but in response to her explanations, that she just wanted to put her thoughts in order in solitude and that it was impossible to be together every minute, almost hysteria followed. He shouted, even cursed, said that she had the habits of a girl with low social responsibility, was offended and went to sleep in another room.

How a feeling of lack of freedom in a couple kills a relationship

Olya this conflict flattened out of the blue, but now she thinks about having a serious conversation, and if she does not help, then look for the hero of another novel.
Ownership is the biggest misfortune in a relationship.

Some men believe that a wife or cohabitant is Cinderella and a doll for pleasure, which will later become a factory for the production of offspring. And many women are confident that a man must become a printing press for money, exclude communication with friends or a favorite hobby of his life

But this is a road to nowhere, in such couples the main thing is lost - love and respect. Freedom of choice and personal space should always remain. And life on the principle of “We do everything together” kills relationships. Of course, there is a framework beyond which the partners can not go, but it should be negotiated on the shore.

Express all your categorical "against" at once, because there are not so many of them. Usually it's something out of the ordinary like his holiday with friends in the sauna or her too short skirts at a meeting with girlfriends, etc.

Life on a leash will make no one happy. “I love” does not mean “I control and isolate”; there must be a desire to make a partner happy.

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