Herringbone knit socks

We knit spectacular openwork socks with knitting needles for women, made of thin sock yarn based on wool. Knitting socks is a simple openwork pattern resembling Christmas trees.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 50g / 205m) 2 skeins;
  2. 2.5mm stocking spokes.

Pattern Description

Density of knitting: 26 loops and 34 rows = 10x10 cm by the front surface

Dimensions: 35/37 - 38/40 - 41/43 cm

Foot length: 22-24 - 27 cm

Knitting description

Heel formations:

1 row (face. p.): knit until 6-6-7 p. remain, broach (remove p. as a face., 1 p. and stretch it through the removed one), turn knitting.

2 row: knit until 6-6-7 p., izn. broach, turn knitting.

3 row: knit until 5-5-6 p., broach, turn knitting.

Continue knitting in the same way until the needle has 12-14-14 p.

Type 68-68-72 p., join in a circle and knit 1 circle of persons. Continue knitting with an elastic band 2x2 (2 pts, 2 pts) to a height of 4 cm. Next, perform 1 circle of faces. P. and at the same time, evenly lower 2-2-6 p., continue knitting according to the pattern of pattern A.1 (repeat rapport 6 times).

After 11-12-13 cm from the set edge, leave the first 24-24-24 p. for the formation of the heel, the rest leave outside the work. Knit the front satin to a height of 5-5.5-6 cm and at the same time in the 1st row bring the number of loops on the needle to 22-24-26. Put a marker and knit heel (see description above). After dial on the edges of the heel 11-11-12 p. And again knit in a circle = 76-78-80 p. On the upper loops, knit according to the pattern, on the lower loops - the front satin stitch. Along the edges of the upper loops begin to perform a decrease in the next. circle and then in every 2nd circle, 60-62-64 p. will remain. After 18-19-21 cm from the marker, start forming the toe of the toe: put 2 markers, dividing the loops equally into the upper and lower parts, next. circle 1 on each side of the marker. Repeat the circle of reductions in each 2nd circle until 20-18-16 p. Remain on the spokes. Next. circle knit 2 n. together face in a circle on all the loops, cut the thread and stretch its end through the remaining loops. Tighten and secure with wear.

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