Hair masks: luxury or necessity

If several years ago it was enough to rinse the hair with a solution of vinegar or lemon juice only once a month, then today this is negligible.

One of the most effective hair restoration products are masks. The principle of their operation is very simple: the active components that make up the product penetrate into the hair structure, nourish it and contribute to the restoration along the entire length. It is safe to say that for a modern woman hair masks are a must.

The most effective are masks prepared at home. After all, their composition does not include preservatives and other chemical ingredients that contribute to a longer storage of the product. You can apply most masks after each shampooing. They are applied not only on the hair, but also on the skin (except for masks for oily hair).Exposure time - at least 10 minutes.

Mostly masks are divided into groups depending on the functions that they must perform.

Hair growth masks

Growing long hair is not easy. First, it is necessary to activate the “sleeping” hair follicles. Secondly, the hair must be constantly strengthened so that it does not break and fall out due to its own gravity. To do this, add specific ingredients to the masks: pepper, nettle - to enhance blood flow to the scalp (this will accelerate hair growth), various oils to align the structure of the hair and seal scales (this will preserve the nutrients in the hair and will not let it die).

Masks for dry hair

It is very difficult to style dry hair. They are naughty, look dull and lifeless. In order not to have to shave them, you should regularly use moisturizing masks. The principle of their work is very simple: intensive moisturizing of hair and scalp. Essential oils used for making masks will cover the hair scales, retaining moisture. For moisturizing use aloe, milk and its derivatives, nut oils.

Oily hair masks

The main feature of the use of these masks is that they are not applied to the scalp - only on the hair and are used no more than once a week. There are certain ingredients of plant origin (chamomile, rosemary, and coltsfoot), which remove excess fat from the hair structure and dry its root part.

Repair masks

The action of these products is aimed at restoring hair after chemical exposure (perm, dyeing, lightening). Masks containing avocado oil, keratin and its derivatives in their composition, milk will perfectly restore hair due to enrichment of their structure with substances of similar structure.

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