Hair care without visiting the salon

The dream of every woman is beautiful, healthy and long hair. But to implement it, you need to properly care for your hair. Such care does not always require a lot of costs, because you can take care of them at home. Hair requires daily proper care. The easiest way to make your hair better is to wash your hair every 2 days. It seems that in this case there are no difficulties. But in fact there are some nuances to do it right.

The correct selection of shampoo is very important. For each type of hair there are many types of shampoos: for oily hair, for dry, for exhausted, for damaged, for dull, etc.

After shampooing, you must use hair balm, choosing the right type for your hair. The balm will make the hair smooth and shiny, and also they will be easy to comb, which is important. But the balm must be used correctly. You can not apply it to the roots, because after that the hair will look greasy and ugly.It is better to use it a little stepping back from the roots, 5-10 centimeters.

Do not wash your hair with hot water, as after that the hair becomes weak and lifeless. It is better to wash your hair under warm or even slightly cool water. Such water will smooth out the hair scales, and the hair will become shiny.

In order for the hair to be beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to injure them less. Less hair dryer, and in the winter season to dry only the hair roots. Less use of the iron and hair styler, as their use is very harmful to the hair, evaporating moisture from them. Thermal curlers can be replaced by ordinary - they absolutely do not harm the hair. If you can not avoid the use of ironing, then you need to use a heat spray.

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