Glazing of loggias and balconies

Glazing of loggias and balconies is a process that allows you to make additional space suitable for arrangement and use.

The vacant small room can be used as a useful additional space (for an office, home greenhouse, mini-gym, etc.) or become an extension of the main room.

The Minsk company helps to choose the right frame, choose the best glazing option.

Heat Insulation Issues

For arranging a warm loggia, you will need PVC balcony frames with built-in two-chamber and one-chamber double-glazed windows.

They become reliable protection not only from the cold (and in summer also from the heat), but also from the noise and dirt of the street.

The level of insulation is directly dependent on the glazing, although it also affects the quality of the insulation of the room.

By ordering a comprehensive service for installing a balcony frame and lining a loggia in a Minsk company, you can save a lot.

When ordering a large plastic frame, it is necessary to assess the carrying capacity of the enclosure of the loggia.

If necessary, reinforcement of structures will be required. Installation of the finished frame for the balcony is performed by experienced masters.

They not only quickly mount the unit, but also give practical, useful tips on caring for installed products.

The peculiarity of the proposed products is that it:

  • Easy care - to wipe the surface with a damp cloth, just a wet cloth.

  • It will serve years without repair.

  • Reliably protects from noise, moisture, dirt.

For the design of the room offered a variety of balcony frames in Minsk.

They can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Customers who are looking for a frame for cold glazing are suitable for aluminum high-strength structures.

This is a fairly light product that adorns the room, allows you to organize in it a greenhouse or home garden.

A special feature of the aluminum profile is its strength with low weight, it can be installed on balconies of various sizes.

Design Functionality

Not only thermal insulation qualities are crucial when choosing balcony plastic frames.

Functional parameters are also not in last place. Plastic structures can be equipped with deaf, open or sliding doors.

But the wooden counterparts can have only swing doors.

For a small room, this is a real luxury because it takes an unacceptable amount of space.

Swing doors that take up minimal space, ideal for narrow spaces.

If you want to protect against the heat of the street and save money, it is recommended to turn your choice to aluminum frames.

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