Gift Wrapping Bows

Giving presents is always nice. And how nice to receive them! But with this business there is always the same problem: how beautifully to pack a gift, so that it would not be embarrassing for him to present the hero of the celebration? Of course, you can entrust it to specially trained people, but for such a service, sometimes you have to lay out an amount that is almost as short as the cost of the gift itself. So go broke for long! Therefore, it is better to learn how to arrange gift wrapping yourself. Today you will learn how to make bows, only one kind of which will create a festive mood. It does not take a lot of time, since only 2 options are offered to your attention. Option 1 Take a decorative plastic tape 5 cm wide. You can use both plain and patterned. A thinner ribbon will also make a very nice bow.
Gift Wrapping Bows
You also need a book, notebook, or a piece of cardboard. They will serve as the basis.The future width of the bow depends on the size of the base. Take the edge of the ribbon and secure it to one edge of the book.
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