From the remnants of the fabric in an unusual technique we sew stunning rugs and coasters

From the remnants of fabric, you can come up with a huge number of things, and each of them will be original, unusual, unique! What do you think about such an interesting idea of ​​sewing rugs and coasters of rags, folded into triangles and stitched together? The technique is not new, but eventually forgot a little. We remember and save the idea for yourself!

On the example of the stand under the hot, it is shown how to make a rug in a similar technique, only there the triangles need to be diagonally folded. First, we cut squares from the remnants of the fabric - you can play with color and ornament:

Then we fold, as shown in the photo below, and we iron:

We get this triangle of fabric:

We take a dense fabric (perfect jeans), sew a double-sided circle. The size and shape of the stand or rug depend on its size and shape.

Meanwhile we iron the rest of the triangles. The amount can be measured by eye by applying and measuring patches.

We begin to sew: we pin the first layer of triangles to the base (to the edge), we stitch on a typewriter in a circle.

Repeat the same with the remaining triangles. Above you can sew another piece of denim.

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