Expansion of living space at the expense of a loggia or balcony

Many apartments in typical houses leave much to be desired both in relation to their planning, and in terms of the number of square meters. Therefore, it is clear that many owners want to add square meters by joining a balcony or loggia to the living space. First, the area is increasing, and secondly, it is possible to make changes to the interior.

Where to begin

In practice, not all owners, expanding an apartment at the expense of a loggia, will first agree on their alteration in instances. But this needs to be done and it is from this that we should start.

Remember!Attaching a loggia to a room is a kind of redevelopment for which it is necessary to obtain official permission. On the glazing and insulation of the loggia or balcony is also required permission. And the permission is received. What's next? It is best to contact the architectural office and order a redevelopment project. It will meet all the requirements.

Glazing and insulation

Where does joining a balcony (loggia) to an apartment begin? First of all, with glazing. It is better to use modern multi-chamber double-glazed windows that conserve heat well.

Next is the very loggia weatherization. It must be remembered that the law does not allow to build a heated floor on the former loggia with heating from a common heating network. It is also not allowed to install radiators. And what to insulate the loggia? - you ask. First of all - non-combustible materials (basalt wool or penokleksom). Electric floor heating can be installed on the floor. But this work is better to entrust to professionals.

Redevelopment is not easy, but possible

The new Housing Code requires all alterations in the apartment to be coordinated with local authorities.

In addition, it is necessary:

  • prepare an architectural project
  • to coordinate the issue in the architectural architecture, housing inspection, civil defense, etc.
  • through BTI to issue the accession of the loggia as an increase in the living area of ​​the apartment
  • make changes in the payment of utility bills and pay for new meters as for residential.

Be careful with the bearing wall

The wall that separates the room and the loggia is bearing. Try not to demolish it completely. Sometimes it is enough just to remove the window, as the space itself transforms. The window sill turns into a table on which you can set up an aquarium or make a bar counter, or ... There are many options, and you, probably, have long invented your own, for which you have started this whole grandiose alteration.

If it seems insufficient to you just to get rid of the window, then you can also remove the window sill with it, thus leaving parts of the supporting wall on the sides. So you will have a bay window, but here you can already give free rein to the imagination and equip this corner based on your desires ..

What can I do on the former loggia

In one-bedroom apartments, the kitchen is often brought to the loggia, having a compact refrigerator, stove, hood, sink, microwave, a couple of cabinets and a table. The kitchen itself has a dining table, sofa and other furniture. The window sill is used very effectively as a work surface, as it is located on the busiest place - between the bay window and the room. In the kitchen itself is obtained a full room.I must say that one-room apartments with such re-planning are very much appreciated in the housing market and cost about 30% more than one-room apartments of the same area, but without alteration.

On the attached loggia or balcony you can also place:

  • study
  • home cafe bar
  • gym
  • mini sport center
  • winter Garden.

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