Exercises when sitting down

Crouch. This exercise for sedentary work will improve blood circulation in the pelvic region and strengthen the muscles of the back and legs. Squat with your arms extended upward while breathing in, and when you stand up, exhale. Repeat 20 times. It can be tough right away, so start over again 10 times.
Push out. This exercise when sedentary work can be done right at the desktop. Lean on it with your hands and bend over, touching the surface with your chest. On inhale, go down, as you exhale, rise.
Bow down. This will allow to disperse the blood through the body and increase muscle tone. With your right hand, stick to the table, bend over, and use your left hand to touch the feet of your right limb. Do several times and repeat the opposite, hold with your left hand, touch the left leg with your right hand. When tilting, exhale, when lifting, inhale.
Smack This exercise for sedentary work is the final for the complex. Raise your hands, simultaneously rise on tiptoes, exhale.

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