Even Kirkorov is already against Eurovision and calls to boycott the contest

The singer took part in the European competition both as an artist and as a producer, but now he is outraged by the current situation so much that he calls on Russia to boycott Eurovision.

Yesterday, March 22, it became known that the head of the SBU banned entry to Ukraine to Yulia Samoilova, who was supposed to present our country at Eurovision. Of course, this news did not leave anyone indifferent. Even Philip Kirkorov could not restrain himself. Although the singer is a frequent guest at Eurovision: he represented Russia in 1995, after that he produced many other participants, not only from our country: Ani Lorak, Dmitry Koldun, wrote a song for the Tolmachyov sisters who took part in Eurovision 2014 ”, And last year, together with Sergey Lazarev, he tried to conquer the European Olympus. In general, it is definitely not profitable for someone, and Kirkorov to spoil relations with the organizing committee of a prestigious competition. However, the singer did not remain silent.

Phillip recorded a video message in which he spoke rather sharply: Russia needs to abandon Eurovision, no matter how sorry.

Photo: @fkirkorov

“As an artist, producer and one who supported and promoted the Eurovision contest in Russia, I am shocked by the decision of the Security Service of Ukraine more than anyone else.

The Eurovision contest was conceived after World War II as an international competition that brings together residents from different countries with music.

Russian television, despite all the threats of provocations mentioned in the press, respecting the rules and Ukrainian organizers, taking into account the motto of the competition this year - “Long live diversity!” .

Unfortunately, the Security Service of Ukraine decided differently. How will the organizers of the competition now follow their own motto and maintain diversity, defend the main idea of ​​the competition? This is a problem facing the European Broadcasting Union. If they cannot solve it, I firmly believe that Russia should refuse to participate in the competition,until all the persons responsible for this decision declare their own professional unsuitability, they do not resign, and the Eurovision contest does not begin again to follow the goal for which it was created, ”said Kirkorov.

I wonder if Kirkorov meant that the boycott should extend only this year, or should Russia ignore the competition in the future? So far, representatives of Channel One are set to give revenge in 2018 and have already officially announced that they will do it Yulya Samoilova.

Oleg Gazmanov also considers it right to refuse to participate in Eurovision. Moreover, the singer believes that our country was condemned last year, they say, if it were not for political feuds, Lazarev would have won first place.

Photo: @oleggazmanov

“I think the scandalousness of Eurovision has reached such a level that Russia is better off from it. If I had my way, I would not send our contestants from the Russian Federation to Kiev.

After all, 100% on the part of the Ukrainian media and dangerous scumbags will be rudeness and provocations - no matter what level we sing, and the world’s “media” will write that this is a “healthy” protest to which Ukrainians have the right. The organizers should not have given the right to hold a competition in Ukraine, where there is a civil war. Not far from Kiev, civilians are bombed by hail, points U, tanks, etc.In Kiev, periodically hold the marches of the name of Bandera. Bleed banks.

This competition was invented in 1956 by NATO experts. In 1989, the USSR was invited to participate, but representatives of the country abandoned the clever ploy of the product of the EU and NATO.

Recall when Russia was represented by P. Gagarin. Specially trained viewers booed her in protest against the annexation of the Crimea and organized a rally in support of the gay people during her song. Obviously, this was directed against the Russian law banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors. Eurovision organizers stole a victory from S. Lazarev, using a strange innovation in the form of a secret jury. At the same time, people in many countries gave S. Lazarev the highest ball, and the jury - zero. And this is not a policy?

Jamala was awarded 1st place for political reasons ... She is a talented singer and could have sung any song perfectly, but she bent under politics and sang not a song, but a one-time political manifesto, which she herself admitted to prankers.

So this time we don’t need to go to SUCH Ukraine or to such “Eurovision”. There is nothing good waiting for us. Let's wait for the dirty foam to subside.

High-quality shows have appeared in Russia - the “New Wave” festival, the “Voice” show, “The Battle of Choirs” and others. So we need to develop our international contests and festivals. Moreover, there is a wonderful experience of the brilliantly organized Winter Olympics in Sochi. And of course it's a pity that Julia got into such a binding and her dream did not come true. I am ready to write a song for her and I want to tell her that she is a beautiful talented and strong-willed girl and she has everything ahead. ”

Samoilov, by the way, is doing well, despite the harsh decision of the Ukrainian authorities. And while everyone is fighting each other, he continues to be engaged in creative work. Julia opened a new channel on YouTube, where she presented a new song.

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