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Installing new windows in your own home is always an important event that, according to statistics, occurs no more than twice in a person’s life. That is why the choice of high-quality PVC constructions should be approached responsibly, without forgetting about reasonable savings.

In the most affordable price segment - PVC construction of Russian production, the profile of which can be manufactured under a foreign license. These windows are usually equipped with high-quality German or Austrian fittings.

European manufacturers confidently hold the palm in durability, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and sound insulation of manufactured products. By purchasing such windows, you can count on a 10-year guarantee of constructive integrity and always be confident in high consumer standards. One of the market leaders - German Rehau windows are made exclusively from high-quality A + class profile, while most Russian counterparts are made from lower quality profiles.Rehau reinforced profiles do not emit harmful chemical fumes, they are practically not affected by the negative influence of ultraviolet radiation, they are not deformed and do not turn yellow. Therefore, upon purchase, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the certificate of conformity in order to find out what your windows were actually made of.

The number of cameras in the profile affects the quality of heat and sound insulation characteristics of the structure. For operation of windows in the climatic conditions of the middle lane, a three-chamber profile with double glazing is enough.

The most expensive part of your PVC windows is hardware. The reliable connection of the sash to the window frame and the number of ventilation modes depends on its quality and configuration.

If you want the quality of future windows to be bearable, accept the fact that you shouldn’t save too much on them. The difference between standard PVC products of Russian and foreign production is usually not more than 20%.

Some manufacturers in the PVC window market stand out from Chinese manufacturers. Despite the extremely low quality of fittings and profiles, and sometimes even the incompatibility of such windows with environmental standards, they, nevertheless, also find their customers because of their attractive price.

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