Denim notepad

An interesting cover for your notebook. The practical and convenient format of the finish will make the diary more durable, pleasant to the touch, and also protect against rubbing and unwanted dirt.
 Notepad with denim trim
To start updating the notebook, Prepare the following materials: • Notepad on A5 spring; • Jeans piece (a trouser leg is suitable for any old jeans, but always with a pocket); • Two small colored ribbons + a narrow openwork tape onov; • veil fabric or transparent tulle trimming; • dense green fabric; • green felt-tip pen; • • button; • needle for sewing and brown threads No. 30;
• scissors; • universal polymer glue.
 Notepad with denim trim
Remove the cardboard base from the face and inside of the notepad, neatlyrevealing its mounting mechanism.
 Notepad with denim trim
Then circle the cover on the denim and cut it along the contour (not leaving any allowances or stock on the fold).
 Notebook with denim trim
 Notebook with jeans howling finish
Now sew this part back pocket of jeans from the former. To get some kind of contrast, it is better to turn this denim blank to the other side (wrong side up).
 Notepad with denim trim
 Notebook with denim trim
And soft and airy fabrics will help brighten up such a cover. It is necessary to make a small flower out of the veil, for which you can cut 5-6 round blanks of different sizes. /16/946-bloknot-s-dzhinsovoy-otdelkoy.jpg "alt =" Notepad with denim trim "title =" Notepad with denim trim ">
Notepad with denim trim It is better to make leaflets from any elastic fabric (you can take artificial leather or suede of the right color), in order not to process or sew the edges of such small details. Spread out just draw with a felt-tip pen and your leaves will have a quite decent look.
 Notepad with denim trim
Notebook with jeans trim
Now lubricate the cardboard surface with glue and attach a soft base with a pocket to it (and to the back of the cardboard cover without a pocket).
 Notepad with jeans trim
 Notepad with denim trim
Flower in the bottom right corner of the pocket, fixing the thread inside it. You can simply paste the leaves.
 Notepad with denim finishing
When the two parts of the cover dry well,take the awl or nail scissors and pierce the fabric in the attachment points of these parts with springs.
 Notepad with denim trim
Then gently return the cover into place, stringing back first (after and front) wall back to the spring. At the end, make sure to close this mechanism tightly.
 Notepad with denim trim
Stick the lace on the pocket, and from the rest of the ribbons, bookmark (optional). Notepad with denim trim You can simply pin it over your pocket with a clerical pin, and if you need to mark any page y - you need to remove the tape and tie it on the inside of the spring.
 Notepad with denim trim
Notebook with denim finish

So quickly from a regular notebook it turns out quite a creative notebook.And in the pocket you can fold pens, pencils, felt-tip pens and other office mates.
 Notepad with denim trim

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