Decorate your site with a do-it-yourself gazebo. Simple, beautiful and creative

It is difficult to imagine a backyard or cottage without a gazebo. It is here that you can retire from extraneous noise or, on the contrary, spend time with friends. The functionality of the arbor largely depends on its size and the wishes of the owners. According to the season, it is easy to arrange upholstered furniture, to equip a dining or play area. It is possible to add a design and a brazier.

If desired, it is easy to build an arbor on your own. Even those who do not have special skills can do this. It will take a little material to build, but a gazebo will serve faithfully for many years.

There can be many ways to decorate a gazebo on the site. The main thing before the start of construction is to determine the size, think over the design and appearance.

What you need for the construction of gazebos

Tools needed for construction

The tool kit is minimized. All you need is a hacksaw, a tape measure, a level and a hammer. If you decide to use screws, do not do without a screwdriver.

The choice of design and building materials

The amount of material required for the construction of a garden arbor, depends on its size and configuration. By placing the arbor directly on the wall of the house, you can save on the wall covering.

The budget option with a single-pitch roof does not imply a large number of guests and the division of space into zones. Nothing superfluous: lathing on the sides, a blank wall behind and steps across the entire width of the structure.

The small gazebo will reliably cover not only from bad weather, but also from prying eyes.

A spacious gazebo with an equipped recreation area is supplemented with a crate. Thanks to this feature inside especially cozy. It is difficult to shelter from the weather, but sun protection and fresh air are guaranteed.

The cozy arbor has both open and closed parts. At the same time the cost of its construction is minimal.

For the construction of a spacious gazebo will require more costs.But you can sit inside the whole company. For work it is necessary to be reserved by a bar, boards, a roofing material.

In any case, you can not do without fasteners. Self-tapping screws and nails will come in handy.

Stages of building a wooden pergola

It is worth starting construction only when a place is chosen for the future arbor, its size and appearance. Consider one of the most simple, but interesting options. The design added with a brazier assumes division into the open and closed zones. In addition, it is planned to place a real lawn on the roof.

In the part of the gazebo, where the brazier will be located, you will need a screed. In the future, it is planned to lay tiles here, since the wooden floor under the barbecue can not be done.

The open part of the gazebo will have a wooden floor. Before laying the flooring of the boards, it is necessary to mount the logs. At this stage, you need a level. It should be noted that the distance between the lags may be different. It depends on the thickness of the floorboard. The thinner it is, the smaller the distance.

Ideally, for flooring it is better to use a board of 30-40 mm. This will allow keeping the distance between 50–70 cm between the lags.Laying them in this case will be more convenient, especially in the absence of experience. It is extremely difficult to hammer in nails or to screw in screws when space is limited.

Filling the space between the lags is not necessary. With air access, the floor will last longer. It will not hurt to also process the logs. Suitable for this purpose are special protective compounds, linseed oil or pre-heated engine oil.

While lags dry, you can do the assembly of the frame and cladding.

The cheapest version of the trim will be unedged board. With visual attractiveness, its price is much lower than that of the wall paneling. Covering the frame should be carried out, moving upwards.

Due to the rounded edge, there are not so visually noticeable minor flaws, the presence of which in the absence of experience is entirely acceptable.

After the frame is sheathed, go to the installation of rafters for a gable roof.

Now you need to sheathe the floor.

It remains to cover the roof.

Since the plans for the arrangement on the roof of the lawn, we make a continuous crate board. It will be the basis for laying the waterproofing.

We mount a grid from a bar. It is she who will not allow the soil to crawl, acting as a kind of reinforcement.

To bring to the roof is also a chimney for the brazier.

Laying drainage pipes, we fall asleep all with expanded clay. The roof is almost ready. Now you need to raise up the ground, level and sow grass.

The proposed project of a wooden arbor is interesting and simple in execution. If desired, it can be both simplified and supplemented.

Taking the proposed option as a basis, you can build a good garden arbor with your own hands.

Find ideas worthy of implementation, help video. After seeing it, it is much easier to visualize a dream. There is nothing to choose from, it remains only to do this and start building your gazebo.

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