Cozy home: how to change the interior without extra costs

Each housewife sometimes has a desire to update the internal content of their home. And do without expensive repairs, buying new furniture and accessories. The main thing is to approach the creation of a cozy home creatively, and let our advice serve as an inspiration for you.

Free up space

To begin, perhaps, with the general cleaning. Put everything in its place. Get rid of all unnecessary and unnecessary, so that it does not collect dust and does not clutter the space. Do not hope that you will ever need useless things. When arranging everything in places, you can use the rules of feng shui: who knows, maybe this will really bring harmony and comfort to your home.

But even if you do not really trust the Chinese doctrine, the rearrangement of furniture in the apartment can be an excellent devotee of change in your life. Experiment!

Be sure to take care of the lighting of the room: with the help of light in the room, you can create any atmosphere (from the solemn festive to the quiet family).In addition to the central chandelier, use lamps in different parts of the room. It can be a desktop, a place for reading and needlework, etc.

Cozy home with their own hands: a new life of old things

Furniture with a dull surface (wardrobe, table, chairs) can be painted in a different color. Do not be afraid to spoil the thing: the old cabinet, painted white, will look very original, stylish and still retro.

Replace the upholstery on the chairs. You can even independently sew soft cushions on chairs from a material that fits the overall design of the room.

Decorate old cushions with original appliqués: it can be cloth scraps, embroidery, ribbons, buttons, beads, and so on.

From old clothes you can sew original and very cute accessories.

Old things that you will no longer use for their intended purpose can also be used in the interior.

Do not rush to throw away the cans of coffee, canned food: from them you can make the original stand for pens and pencils, cosmetic brushes and other things.

On the walls you can put bright pictures, and here it is, a new look of your room!

From scrap materials and unnecessary detail you can get the original wall clock.

In fact, you can come up with a lot for the variety of interior decoration of your home. Creating a cozy home with your own hands, you want to live and be in it even more.

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