Christmas trees with candies in the technique of suites-design

Winter has come and brought with it many new emotions and changes. With the onset of each pore, a person changes not only life, but also mood, and so, for example, winter is not only snow, cold and frost, it is also many different and joyful holidays that we like children expect every year. New Year and Christmas are the most favorite holidays in the life of every person. There is nothing more pleasant and unexpected than to get a present from under the Christmas tree. Let the trifle, even let something not significant, but the illusion that it was presented by Santa Claus remains with everyone. But before you wait for a gift, you need the beautiful Christmas tree itself. Not all people still buy Christmas trees, there is even such a place to buy, then there is a way out that is quite simple, you can make the Christmas tree yourself. And it will not be a simple Christmas tree, but with candies and various decorations. Such souvenir Christmas trees are veryby the way will suit and on gifts. Such unusual and beautiful beauties, worthy of New Year's guests. Now we will consider such a master class together with you. For him we take:
  • Two foam cones 30 cm high;
  • Cord of twine;
  • Jute brown cord with Lurex;
  • Sallex white;
  • Floral wire;
  • New year's golden and silver necklace;
  • Leaflets felled dark green and white;
  • Organza green and gold;
  • Gold chanel ribbon;
  • Ribbon from the twine;
  • Bows from the cut;
  • Snowflakes, wooden;
  • Chameleon rhinestones with a diameter of 6mm; li>
  • Green grid with lurex;
  • Corrugated paper, golden, brown, red;
  • Candies;
  • Berries in sugar, golden pomegranate, New Year's bouquets;
  • Golden brocade ribbon;
  • Sisal red and beige;
  • Cutters;
  • Glue gun;
  • Coffee beans, cinnamon, / li>
  • Scissors;
  • Gypsum;
  • Two empty jars;
  • A stationery knife
 Christmas Trees with Candy
 Christmas trees with candies
We take a cone, insert a piece of floristic wire into the top.Then we take the cord and start wrapping the wire from above, and then go to the foam.
 Christmas trees with candy
 Christmas trees with candies
We first turn one cone, and then the second one. One will have a twine wrapped around us, a second jute cord with Lurex.
 Christmas trees with candies
Christmas trees with candy
Now we need to seat our Christmas trees in jars for plaster. We take short sticks of salex. Dilute the plaster, pour it into jars.
 Christmas trees with candies
 Christmas trees with candies
At the bottom of the cones, with a stationery knife, we cut holes for the trunk. Insert and sit on the glue trunks.
Christmas trees with candy
 Christmas trees with sweets
Sadim Christmas tree in jars of gypsum and leave for the time of hardening.
Christmas trees with chocolates
 Christmas trees with sweets We cut off two circles and two rectangles of corrugated paper. We will make cups with these components, first close the bottom, and then wrap the glasses and stretch them at the top. Wrap the brocade ribbon and tie bows. We roll balls of sisal and insert them in a circle under the supports. Now we cut rectangles of 4 * 7 cm of different colors for rose petals from corrugations. Christmas trees with chocolates Christmas trees with sweets Rectangles are shaped petals, we cut them off. Make a brown and red rose. Now our Christmas trees need to be dressed up.We wrap beads on a thread, then leaflets with roses, bouquets of berries, bows, coffee, cinnamon, etc.
 Christmas trees with candies
Christmas trees with candy
Sticking snowflakes and bows to the top. Christmas trees are ready, thankful for the attention and good luck in everything.
 Christmas trees with candy
Christmas trees with candies
 Christmas trees with candy

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