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Very little time left until the New Year! And what a New Year without a green tree. Of course, a large and real Christmas tree is very beautiful, but you can make a small one, which you can put, for example, in the kitchen for decoration or make one of the components of a New Year's craft. To make a small green beauty, we need:
  • medium density cardboard;
  • green tinsel of average diameter 3-5 cm;
  • small colorful pom-poms;
  • super glue or any other glue;
  • scissors;
  • red wrapping paper colors.
From medium density cardboard we cut out a square about 20x20 centimeters with scissors.
 Christmas tree made of tinsel
Then we are from this cardboard on the square and make a cone with the help of super glue glue the edges. Trim the bottom of the cone with scissors so that our future Christmas tree will be standing exactly. We already had a purchase of a commemorative star-bow on the top of the Christmas tree, but you can do it yourself from bright red packing paper. New Year Tree of Tinsel
And with a super glue or double-sided adhesive tape, glue an asterisk on top of the cone.  New Year Tree of Tinsel Then again on glue glue one of the ends of the green tinsel. We do it right under the asterisk. And wrapping our cone from top to bottom with tinsel. Below again, we need to glue the end of the tinsel, otherwise our Christmas tree will "bloom". Christmas tinsel And now the fun part! We decorate our Christmas tree. I recently bought my older son a piece of pom-pom and we still have extra pompons after it was made.
 Christmas tree of tinsel
In principle, instead of them you can use anything to decorate, for example,make small bows from satin narrow ribbons or decorate with snowflakes cut out of colored paper. In general, who, what fantasy is enough for. Well, we decorated our Christmas tree with multi-colored pompons, carefully gluing them to the tinsel with super glue in a chaotic manner. And they added three silver snowflakes.
 Christmas tree made of tinsel
So we have such a smart little Christmas tree. The child persuaded me to make it the main component of our Christmas composition in the kindergarten on the theme “Winter Fantasy”.
 Christmas glitter
Congratulations to all with the upcoming New Year!
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