Christmas Lights

Today I would like to tell you about the decoration - a hand-made garland. Her jewelry is made in the style of quilling, by twisting and gluing paper. However, in the process of its manufacture, we did not use special paper, but took an assistant, but the most suitable one. This could be, for example, satin colored paper sold in Ikea stores, or colored paper for printers. Having taken its place in the room, this garland will give it a cheerful, festive look.
 Christmas Garland
To make such a decoration, we will need: 1) The most colored paper suitable for quilling. 2) Scissors, glue; 3) Tweezers, scotch tape; 4) Bar handle.
To make such a decoration
First we will produce a goal bat the snowflake. Cut paper into strips for it and, if you wish, using a rod, twist the circles in a spiral.We make five such figures:
 Now twist
Now curl as many other figures called" horns ". These are:
 we make five such
The strip next to the" horns "in the photo, we glue, folding it in two. And we make five such strips. Spiral circles are folded into oblong diamonds and glue together all the figures, oppressing them with thin tweezers. We get such a figure:
We cut
We cut for it new strips of paper:
Christmas garland
Making of them Five special shapes, called the "oak leaf": fold each strip five times, and glue together their tips as shown in the photo below:
>img src="" alt="Christmas garland" tit le="Christmas garland">
 Christmas garland
Using a needle, reveal the shape:
 Christmas Garland
Next, we make five tight round figures and five figures in the form of drops, and then glue them to the snowflake.You’ll have to get this figure:
 Christmas Garland
And then you can add a new snowflake to the snowflake. We got such a figure:
 New Year's garland
Now we make a flower. We cut colored stripes:
Christmas garland
Twisting and gluing them together, we form seven tight round figures and six large ones, after which we glue them together. This is the finished halo of the flower:
 Christmas garland
Twisting a long strip of green with a rod, we form a small stalk for our flower, and on the sides we glue leaf figurines to it. We attach the resulting stalk to the corolla of the flower and our little flower is ready:
 New Year's garland
Now we will make a yellow butterfly. First, we cut two strips of black colored paper and twist them in a spiral with a rod, sizing each strip in some sections along the inner side,to keep the curl tight:
 Christmas garland
Now glue them together and paste the antennae:

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