Chewing food thoroughly is a myth or a necessity

The answer is pretty reasonable. The food should be chewed until it becomes easily swallowed, chopped pasta. There is a version according to which food must change its original state in such a way that it will no longer be recognizable and will turn into a homogeneous mush.

In any case, the process of thoroughly chewing food has several advantages. It activates the digestive system (including the stomach is prepared to perform its main function). It also makes the work of other elements of the digestive tract more smooth - it does not need to put additional effort to extract nutrients from coarse and tough food.

Thoroughly chewing food implies a reduction in the rate of eating, which in turn prevents the ingestion of food into the respiratory tract, overeating.However, there is no reason that counting the number of chewing movements during lunch is an obsession.

For example, at one time, advice was given (today irrelevant) to make at least thirty chewing movements. It is easy to imagine that if we strictly adhere to this advice, the favorite dishes will, as a result, resemble a bunch of swollen husks. Naturally, we will think more than once before swallowing such a mass.

Recall that overly thorough chewing of food was the basis of the wildly popular diets of the Victorian era.

Horatio Fletcher earned his enormous fortune due to the fact that he actively supported the principle of intense chewing, which helps to avoid constipation and other ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. The strict instructions of a millionaire interpret the need to chew on each piece for half a minute. In this case, you need to tilt your head back to the resulting mass of glass in the throat. According to Fletcher, the remaining pieces of food are removed from the mouth. The main disadvantages of the technique: a very long meal, a sharp weight loss, pain in the jaws.

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